Airbus AS350B3+

Pilot and co-pilot high energy-absorbing seats
LH side two-place front bench seat FP
Airbus standard layout

Pure Orange RAL 2004

Pilot windshield wiper
Cargo Sling 1400 kg w/ Onboard Talon hook
Dual Controls
LH landing swiveling light
Longline release button – collective
Emergency Flotation gear – fixed parts
RH side electric external mirror, de-iced
DART XL Cockpit floor window D350-567-111
David Clark H10-13H Headsets (2)
DART Bear Paws
Engine Flushing device
28V DC Outlet for fuel pump in LH step
Long Seat Rail RH + LH
Sliding Door LH
Long Step LH + RH
Sliding Window LH Door
Floor Protection Cover
Sliding Window LH Frontdoor
Cockpit Light
Sliding Window RH Frontdoor
Protective skid shoes
Donaldson Inlet Air Barrier Filter (new)
VEMD Download kit

VFR day and night package, included in baseline configuration:
ELT Kannad 406AF-H
Course Deviation Indicator Garmin GI 106A
Intercom System Garmin GMA 340H
Transponder (mode A+C) Garmin GTX 327
Gyro-Horizon Thales H 321 EHM
Directional Gyro AIM 205-1 BL
Altitude Encoder Shadin 8800 T
Turn & Bank Indicator UI 9560
Rad Alt Thales AVH16
VHF FM Radio (Technisonic TFM-138B)

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