Pre Owned Helicopters

  • Airbus AS350B3+

    Year: 2008

    TT A/C: 5785 FH

    Well equipped for utility/passenger operations

  • Airbus AS350B3

    Year: 2002

    TT A/C: 6335 FH

    Well-equipped for utility/passenger operations

  • Airbus AS350B2

    Year: 1999

    TT A/C: 7675

    Well equipped for passenger Transport / Utility operation – 6 passengers + pilot

  • Airbus AS350B3+

    Year: 2010

    TT A/C: 5.497 FH

    Well equipped for Passenger transport / Utility operation

  • Airbus AS350B3+

    Year: 2009

    TT A/C: 5.740 FH

    Maximum Pilot View kit! Passenger transport / Utility operation, very well equipped

  • Airbus H125

    Year: 2012

    TT A/C: 2640 FH

    Utility / Passenger transport, well equipped. Professionally operated and maintained

  • Airbus H125

    Year: 2016

    TT A/C: 1950 FH

    Passenger Transport / Utility operation configuration, well maintained, professionally operated.

  • Airbus H130

    Year: 2017

    TT A/C: 515 FH

    Fresh 600/800 FH-inspection, Complete sling, Emergency floatation gear, 8-seats, Rad Alt, no Air Condition

  • Airbus EC145C2 EMS

    Year: 2005

    TT A/C: 8368 FH

    Fresh inspections! SP/DP IFR and SP NVIS certified. Aerolite EMS interior. Always hangared, operated by the Norwegian Air Ambulance. Airbus PbH and Safran SbH may follow the aircraft.

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